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My Diva (basset hound) stopped eating a few days ago. I've been giving her pain and inflammation pills for her bad leg but she also started to gag that up too. Took her to the vet yesterday and she has a sore neck, infection, dehydrated and later they called to say her x-ray said she had a mass in her intestines. She also lost 5 pounds more weight. I hope that mass is from the infection and not something more serious. Please don't let it be cancer. I'm suppose to find out more today once they hydrate her they will x-ray her again. My poor little girl. Just hate not being able to do anything!
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OK, so I think I got my icon problem fixed but as I thought I'm not sure how I did it. Lol! Even with the diagram and advice from fellow LJ members I don't think I can figure out how to import my LJ posts to here. Oh well, maybe I should just leave them there.....I'm still there anyway. So hey to everyone....still looking for friends and new friends when I get the chance. 😊
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I don't know how to do a user pic and I don't know how I did it on LJ. So frustrating!
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I have opened an account on here so I won't lose friends that have moved here. I hate relearning things again but now I have access to other fans. Can't say I'll be here much though.


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